• Paulette Baumgartl

Marching for Science

Didn’t we see some great placards from around the world during the March for Science! Almost every social media report I read resulted in a new favourite placard and slogan.  Even better, days after The March, and the placards are still trending!

Quick witted and to the point – perfectly tailored for the media grab and my penchant for headline reading.

It took me back to an interview I heard in March 2016 with Alan Alda on the ABCs 7.30 Report. Visiting Australia for the inaugural World Science Festival, he was questioned on science communication and who it benefits.

So eloquently he said, "science is a beautiful, fascinating detective story. And we shouldn't be denied that story simply because it's done in a language we don't understand. We need it not dumbed down, but translated, made vivid, made clear. But it's good for the people in the sense that science is always the basis of a strong economy, it's good for science because science gets to get funded by policy makers who can understand what they're talking about. It's good for everyone. Better communication, more clarity never hurt any enterprise. And it's certainly good for us in regard to science."

Let’s talk science – let’s satisfy the public’s desire to know about Australian science - Let’s find out what’s happening in Australian research labs – let’s meet the researchers.

That’s the joy of working in science communication, the opportunity to distil into clear messages, exciting stories and engaging narratives that are beautifully presented – not overly simplified, but understood.

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