At orangepeel we take extensive, complicated and technical work and distil this into clear messages, exciting stories and engaging narratives that are beautifully presented. We provide services for anyone wishing to express their great work in a clear, concise, and smart manner, ensuring that the message is visible to the right audience.


Established in 2010, orangepeel is a boutique communications consultancy based in Brisbane with Australia-wide networks. We help you fulfil your communication and engagement requirements, from a full strategy through to individual projects. Using our years of experience in the research and business sectors, we understand the specific needs and constraints of developing an effective communication plan as a small business or research group. 


We bring experience, creativity and technical expertise to your communication strategy.



The team


Paulette Baumgartl



As an enthusiast of science and effective communication, I established orangepeel as a way for me to combine these two loves with the flexibility my life demands. Starting out with a freshly minted science degree over 25 years ago, my career has slowly evolved from science and research to communication and design. After returning home from Europe, where I was fortunate enough to work in universities and publishing houses as an English science editor, I decided to formalise my experience with some more study.


I completed my Masters in Science Communication at the University of Queensland in 2009. Over the last twelve years I have worked as a science communicator - indulging my love for great science, well expressed and beautifully presented.

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Carla Gerbo


I have a passion for engaging, communicating and networking people be they from industry, university, government or the general community.  I enjoy working with sectors involved in the sciences and innovation helping them to identify their key messages, and to take people on a journey that includes knowledge transfer and engagement with an aim to engendering change.  I have a passion for making a difference.  


We talk about having multiple careers during our lifetime and this is my second…perhaps third. I graduated many many years (decades) ago with a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Economics.  I had 15 fantastic years working at Queensland’s peak employer association, but then I heard about materials sciences including nanotechnology and I had to discover more. I helped form the then Australian Nanotechnology Alliance (now Australian Society for NanoMedicine) and subsequently worked at The University of Queensland and The University of New South Wales promoting and engaging with those involved in materials and nanobased research centres.  Today my passion remains sharing knowledge of those brilliant Australian research discoveries – even those still in their infancy.

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