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Fossicking for Nuggets - What We Do

Finding those parts of your story that stand out and shine can be difficult when you are too close to the subject matter.

Yet it is these small, apparently unassuming nuggets that showcase the best features of your work.

As communication consultants it is our business to find these nuggets.

Through meetings, interviews, and taking our time to sift through the content, we draw out the personal stories and achievements that are often lost in the data.

We work with you to produce content you can be proud of and bring these nuggets into the light for all to see.

The orangepeel team don’t just edit, proof, or repurpose the content you provide us.

We want to create unique narratives that truly express the passion you have for your work.

Whether you need a full communication strategy, content for a newsletter, or a new design for your annual report; we will ensure that your message is clear, concise, engaging, and visible to the right audience.

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